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Looking for racing pigeons...

On this website we offer a small amount of racing pigeons for a fixed price. The number of pigeons that is offered is limited but we will regularly add some new ones. It might be possible that you are looking for some pigeons but do not find them between the offered racing pigeons for sale.

By filling in this form you can let us know what you are looking for. After we received this form we will get in contact with you to find out if we can help you. Filling in this form does not oblige to anything.

Hans en Evert Jan Eijerkamp

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Strain(s):  Eijerkamp-Janssen
 Stefaan Lambrechts
 Eijerkamp-Van Loon
 H. and E.J. Eijerkamp
 Eijerkamp Long Distance
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Racing pigeon for sale Doyle
Doyle Cock
USD 836
Racing pigeon for sale Kevin
Kevin Cock
USD 717
Racing pigeon for sale Shawn
Shawn Cock
USD 896
Camron Sold Camron Sold
USD 836
Racing pigeon for sale David
David Cock
USD 956
Racing pigeon for sale Rapide
Rapide Cock
USD 1,195